AXIS: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education

VOL 8, NO 3 (2017)


Brother William Mann, FSC, DMin
Timothy Gossen, EdD
Alisa Macksey, MA
Roxanne Eubank, EdD
Gregory T. Kopra, EdD
Brother Donald Mouton, FSC, STD
Brother Frederick Mueller, FSC, DEd
Sister Judith K. Schaefer, OP, PHD
Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, EdD
Brother George Van Grieken, FSC, PhD

Section I: Original Scholarly and Creative Works

Laudato si’, On Care for Our Common Home: Economics, or Religion, or What?
Louis DeThomasis, FSC, PhD

Being a Lasallian University Today
Thomas Johnson, FSC

Lasallian Women: Participative & Compassionate Agents of Transformation
Robert Schieler, FSC, EdD

Providing an Environment for Peace to Develop in the Minds and Hearts of Students
Peter Bray, FSC, EdD

Section II: Shared Knowledge Archive

Being Brothers: A Mystery at the Heart of the Lasallian Mission
William Mann, FSC, DMin

The Lasallian Educational Mission at the Opening of the Twenty-First Century
William Mann, FSC, DMin

Let Us Remember That We Are in the Holy Presence of God
Gerard Rummery, FSC, PhD

The Lasallian Educator according to John Baptist de La Salle
Gregory Wright, FSC, PhD

Section III: Annotations of Distinctive Works in Lasallian Higher Education

Annotation: Michael Daniels “Perceptions of the Catholic Secondary School
Presidents and Principals of Six Dioceses in Northern California Regarding Their
Faith Leadership Practices and Perceptions.” EdD dissertation, University of San
Francisco, San Francisco, California, 2013. 220pp.

Annotation: Mary C. Finger “The Role of Mission and Institutional Aid in
Supporting Minority Students.” EdD dissertation, University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2013. 234pp.

Annotation: Jean Neva Evans, RSM “The Mystical Writings of Madeleine de
Saint Joseph du Bois de Fontaines (1578-1637).” DTh dissertation, University of
South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa, 2002. 237pp.

Section IV: Lasallian Higher Education Today

Lasallian Summer Seminar for Professors: The Challenges of Lasallian Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
Robert Smith, FSC, PhD

Lasallian Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: The Unique Challenges Facing Bethlehem University
Muna Matar, PhD

Touching Hearts and Teaching Minds: Strengthening Lasallian Higher Education through Mission
Kelly James, PhD

Challenges of Lasallian Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: Students as Apprentices in Lifelong Learning
Jeffrey Sable, PhD

Critical Self-Reflection and Social Justice as Lasallian Mission
Jack Downey, PhD

Shifting the Narrative: De La Salle at Parmenie
Dennis Cremin, PhD

Informed by Community: Lasallian University Adaptations in Twenty-First Century American University Secular Culture
Matthew Nowakowski, EdD

An Online Advising Tool for a Rapidly Changing World: Showcasing a Student’s Thinking and Accomplishments through E-folios
Elizabeth Seebach, PhD